Mauritius is the most progressive and developed country in Africa, which is very special in many aspects. This beautiful island nation is situated in the Indian Ocean and spans only 2,040 square kilometers. It is the only country in any continent with 67% Indians and the only African nation with 48.5 people who believe in Hinduism. Apart from all these cultural specialties and their beauty, Mauritius is a developed country well known for quality education at affordable expense, which is very approachable for Indian students. 

Basic Facts

  • Official name – Republic of Mauritius
  •  Population – 1,265,475
  • Currency – Mauritian rupee (MUR) 
  • GDP – $31.720
  • Capital – Port Louis
  • Official Languages – Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri, French, English, Tamil, Chinese
  • Largest City in the Country – Port Louis

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  • Getting a student visa to Mauritius can be very easy and hassle-free. It can get done even without a visa interview. 
  • The weather in Mauritius, not very hot or cold, is 25-30 degree celsius, which is very suitable for Indian students. 
  • English is generally accepted as the official language of Mauritius and as the language of government administration. Most of the natives are good at communicating in English.
  • Located in the Indian Ocean and served by flights across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, Mauritius is home to a diverse culture and harmonious environment. 
  • Mauritius is widely renowned for being socially, politically, and economically stable.
  • The fees in most Mauritian Universities are affordable for Indian students. 

Intakes in Mauritian Universities

  • Major intake – September 
  • Minor Intakes- January, May, July, August, September, November

Education Institutions in Mauritius

Tertiary Education Commissions (TEC) in Mauritius promote and coordinate post-secondary education and implement an overarching regulatory framework to achieve high international quality. Over 700 courses in different fields are available in Mauritian universities. Some of the most prestigious universities in Mauritius are: 

  • African Leadership University
  • Alliance Française de l’île Maurice
  • Appavoo Business School
  • Curtin Mauritius
  • Elite Business School
  • Fashion and Design Institute
  • Glamis Business School
  • Grant Thornton Business School
  • JSS Academy of Technical Education
  • London College of Accountancy

As per the decision of the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research, and Technology, the government of Mauritius aims to transform Mauritius into a knowledge-based economy. 

October Intake

  • IELTS Coaching – November
  • Appear for IELTS Test – December
  • IELTS Test Result Publication -January/February 
  • Submit applications to Universities – from January to March
  • Receive Offer Letters – January to April
  • Arrangement of Funds – February to April
  • Financial Assessment in the Universities – April to May
  • Visa Application-May to June
  • Visa Grant – July to October
  • Fly to Malta- October

January Intake

  • IELTS Coaching – May
  • IELTS Test – June
  • IELTS Test Result Publication – July/ August
  • Submit applications to Universities – from August to Sep 
  • Receive Offer Letters – September to January
  • Arrangement of Funds – October to January
  • Financial Assessment in the Universities – October to December
  • Visa application – November to December
  • Visa Grant – Dec to January
  • Fly to Malta- January

Work Rights and Stay back Policies

  • Students aged 16 or more and have a student VISA for at least one-year validity are eligible for part-time jobs in Mauritius. 
  • A student with a valid student visa can work a maximum of 20 hours of part-time job per week

Cost of Study in Mauritius

  • The tuition fees for various programs can be 1500 to 15500 USD per annum in Mauritius.

Test Requirement

  •  No IELTS or TOEFL Exams are required to get admission to Mauritian Universities