About Russia

Geographically, Russia is the biggest country in the world. In addition to that, it is culturally rich, historically powerful, and politically vital. It is well known for its excellence in industries like oil and gas, mining, aircraft building, aerospace production, weapons, and military machinery manufacturing. Even after the downfall of the mighty powerful Soviet Union in the international political order, Russia, as a top-notch education provider, has heavily invested in research and universities. It has a greater emphasis on English-taught courses, making studying in Russia a solid investment for your future.

Basic Facts

  • Official name – Russian Federation
  •  Population – 142,470,272 
  • Currency- Russian Ruble
  •  GDP – $ 4.365 trillion
  • Capital – Moscow
  • Official Language – Russian 
  • Largest City – Moscow

Reasons to Study in Russia

  • 20+ among the renowned universities in Russia find a place in the world university rankings. Most of them offer courses at cost-effective tuition fees. 
  • Russian education qualifications are valued all around the world. There is a wide range of educational programs available at most Russian universities. 
  • Education in Russia combines traditional and modern innovation with an excellent research-oriented study environment with the best infrastructural facilities. 
  • Studying in Russia let to explore a country with some of the finest traditions spreading over 9 time zones.
  • Visa procedures are comparatively simple, and the Russian people always welcome international students. 

Intakes in Russian Universities

  • August/ September 

Education System in Russia

  • The education system in Russia has four sections – primary, secondary, higher, and postgraduate education.
  • School education in Russia consists of 11 years, unlike the 12 years education system followed by most other countries. 
  • Russian higher education consists of bachelor’s and master’s sections. After completing a master’s degree, a student can enrol in postgraduate education, similar to a Ph.D. or Doctoral degree.

Time Schedule for Processing

  • IELTS Coaching – December 
  • Appear for IELTS Test – January 
  • IELTS Test Result Publication -January/February 
  • Submit applications to Universities – from January to April 
  • Receive Offer Letters – January to May 
  • Arrangement of Funds – February to May 
  • Financial Assessment in the Universities – March to May 
  • Visa Application- May to June 
  • Visa Grant – April to July
  • Fly to Russia – August 

Cost of Study in Russia

The tuition fee in both Private and Public sector universities and colleges can vary according to the facilities provided. Approximately, they are: 

  • 1,20,000 -1,40,000 Rubles for Bachelors
  • An average 1,60,000 – 1,80,000 Rubles per year for Masters 
  • 2,00,000 – 2,20,000 Rubles per year for Postgraduate Studies 
  • Cost of living in Russia are approximately 1500-5000 Rubles per year

Test Requirements

A student must get minimum marks in the previous fields of education to study in a graduate program, where the criteria for each course may differ. 

In the case of a Master’s, one needs to have a previous degree in the same or similar field. 

Some universities conduct special entrance examinations to select eligible students. 

No universities and colleges consider IELTS as an essential requirement.