10 Advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

Georgia in a Nutshell

Georgia is a transcontinental country that shares borders with Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The country has a population of 3.7 million, with Tbilisi as its capital and its largest city. Since Georgia established modern Georgian-Language education institutions, the country has had a good reputation for higher studies. Students from Europe and Asia can access Georgia, and the nation warmly accepts foreigners since travel and tourism play a major role in their economy. Let's check the 10 factors that attract MBBS aspirants from India to Georgia a little deeper.

1 - Get MBBS

in European Standards

Georgia offers MBBS with European standards. Medical regulating authorities like WHO, NMC, and others accept the course curriculum created for the MBBS program in Georgia worldwide. In addition, the teaching medium is English in all Medical Universities in Georgia, which makes it simpler for everyone to comprehend the course material. But why should students choose Georgia other than European countries like Germany, France, or UK to pursue this quality education? That’s the million-dollar question.

2 - Get it

Very Cheap

Let us compare the fees for MBBS In India with Georgia. In India, the total expense to study MBBS is around 75 lakh to 1.5 crore Rupees, whereas, in Georgia, the first-semester fee for MBBS is only 2500 USD (56000 Rs. Appx.). Also, the daily expense in Georgia is less compared to other European countries like France, Britain, and Italy. The total cost of medical education is relatively lower while maintaining high educational standards. Lesser expenses for MBBS education are the major factors that attract students to Georgia and can view as one of the top advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia.

3 - No Donations

No Capitation Fee

Unlike in Private Institutions in India, no University in Georgia will charge you any donation or capitation fee. All the admissions are merit oriented, and the students are free from hidden fees or charges. Since Georgia encourages international students to study in their Universities as part of their international policies, students from abroad can experience many benefits in Georgia. It makes the MBBS study in Georgia very comfortable for students from India and makes Georgia top on their priority list.

4 - No Entrance Tests

Getting admission to the universities in Georgia is relatively simple. The scores obtained by the applicant in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th examination will be the major criteria to get MBBS admission to Georgian universities. Any student with a minimum of 50% marks in these subjects can apply for MBBS in Georgia. In India, you need to score above 550 in the NEET exam to get an MBBS admission, whereas in Georgia, just clearing NEET is enough. The admission criteria may have slight variations as per the University policies and norms, but as a whole, Indian students can consider it as a great opportunity to get an MBBS degree from abroad.

5 - Choose the Best from a Pool of Medical Universities

Students from other countries, in addition to Indian students, who want to pursue MBBS studies in Georgia have a variety of medical universities to choose from. Major Medical Universities that Indian students prefer are Tbilisi Medical Academy, Caucasus University, East-European University, East-West University, Caucasus International University, Ilia State University, etc. The number of Medical Colleges in Georgia with NMC approval is 22, which means that the major medical colleges in the country are all NMC-approved.

6 - Possibility of Practice in India

Many Western countries provide an MD program of 5 years. But it is important to note that the National Medical Council of India (NMC) will only allow someone to practice in India only if they have completed 6 years of the medical program. This makes studying MBBS in any of the European countries that provide an MBBS program of 5 years will never make you eligible to practice in India as per the guidelines of NMC. Here is the advantage of MBBS in Georgia. In Georgia, the MD program is of a 6-year duration, which satisfies the criteria of NMC. Thus, anyone who graduated MBBS from a University in Georgia can practice in India and abroad. 

7 - Safest for International Students

When you travel abroad to pursue higher education, safety must be one of the primary concerns. Nobody will risk their future and life to study in an unstable country with a higher crime rate and continuous warfare. Georgia is good for MBBS in this angle too. As a country, Georgia is one of the safest in the world. The crime rate in Georgia is very low, and the capital city Tbilisi is the 114th safest city in the world. The people in Georgia are very welcoming towards foreigners, which makes the country even more secure for International students. 

8 - Global Recognition for Medical Degrees

Medical Degrees from Georgian Universities are accepted and highly valued all across the world. A candidate may practice medicine or apply for employment with any medical organization in the country of their choice because of the global recognition of MBBS degrees from Georgia. Also, a student who graduated MBBS from Georgia can practice in any Schengen country like Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and many more.

9 - Communicate Easily 

The official language of Georgia is Georgian. But very interestingly, almost 80% of the Georgian population speaks English fluently. If you have a better command of the English language, then it will be very easy for you to interact with the people in Georgia. In addition, the teaching medium in Georgia is also English. For an Indian student, studying at a Georgian university will give you the feel of studying in your homeland, and it can be viewed as one of the most exciting advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia. 

10 - Options to get PR 

Any medical Graduate in Georgia is allowed to work at a hospital or clinic under the supervision of a registered doctor. It opens doors for a medical student to have a bright future in Georgia and apply for Permanent Residence since you can be a Permanent resident in Georgia after living 6 years in the country. Also, naturalization into Georgian citizenship can happen after 5 years of residence. A student can get and explore a career in other progressed European countries like France and Germany.
In every sense, Georgia must be there on your top priority list if you wish to have a bright future in MBBS abroad. It will be the wisest decision to fulfill your MBBS abroad study dream. Luminis Abroad will be here for you as one of the best abroad study consultancies in Kerala to let you achieve what you dream about. Call us now at @7902462000, before the seats get filled.

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